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Two DIY Noise rock innovators, one show.

In September and October MoE and DEAD will hit the roads of Europe and spread their energy to the European people.

The relentless work ethic of the two bands MoE and DEAD have resulted in a similar urge for touring and releasing music.
After touring Australia together in 2016 they’ve put together a show that is more than two bands sharing a stage together; it is a collaboration crafted over more than a year of work. Two bands with years of touring on their back and an extraordinaire live energy that should not be missed. Lovers of high energy, musicality and performance will not be let down by these two bands.
When most bands seem determined to fit into someone else’s mold, DEAD and MoE have created their own scene. With a cult following on the many continents they’ve toured, the effects are felt across the world.


Weighing in at a combined 120 kgs but boasting a power to weight ratio of 550hp/ton, DEAD are often mistaken for a band of considerably larger mass. The power trio has met its match; make way for the power duo.DIY as fuck, DEAD answer to no one, not even themselves. They run their own label (WeEmptyRooms – est. 2005) and tour relentlessly. Their handmade merch is the stuff of legend, surpassed only by their live shows. Jace does the drawings, Jem does the screen printing. Overseas they are pimped by like-minded labels Eolian Empire, Wantage USA and Rock Is Hell.
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The Norwegian band MoE has focused on expanding DIY attitudes from the 80s and 90s, especially inspired by great thinkers and autonomous musicians like Steve Albini, Greg Ginn and Ian MacKaye. Mixed with their own attitudes and with their background from noise and contemporary music.
With countless collaborations exceeding the borders of rock and noise, MoE seeks the absolute presence in the execution of the music. Loud and violently, they molest their instruments and brings the listener closer to a healthy insanity. The intensity of the music has created resonance in China, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and numerous other countries and makes the band one of the most adventurous DIY bands in Europe.

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